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Sandra Weiland

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CJ Gibbs

Male German Shepherd Puppy

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Gibbs is doing quite well in Washington; very easy to train and getting along quite well with the children in his family.


I can't tell you how in love I am with Gibbs. I had a golden retriever named Higgins growing up that had the exact same mannerisms. I think his spirit lives inside Gibbs. Sometimes I think "boy was that wierd that was something Higgins would have done". I am training him very slowly with help from Michael Ellis dvd's. Gibbs has the best personality. He gets upset, mad, shy and has a fantastic way of displaying his drama. He is definitely a working dog that is very prey aggressive. He also knows when to shut it off and snuggle up to you. Great with kids and very very smart. Loves to swim and run run run. He is the king of cool and is my best friend. Know that he is loved, spoiled, well trained and knows it! Thank you for Gibbs.