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Janurary, 2013 Litter


Orsina's surprise litter. Three puppies: Eleanor and Eli Vom Weiland Born January 8, 2013. See puppies below taken at 7 and 8 weeks. See German shepherd female puppy, Eleanor at 10 months

As German shepherd breeders in NC, we are proud of this litter of German shepherd puppies, born in January 7, 2013.   These German shepherd pups were a result of an unexpected, surprise breeding between Alan Schrom and Orsina z Get Pet.  In the slide show above, you can see Eleanor Vom Weiland, a huge, straightbacked old style German shepherd female.  She very much resembles her sire.

We invite you to submit a deposit on a German shepherd puppy from any of our future litters of German shepherd puppies for sale in North Carolina. See details on how your deposit will be processed on our Guarantee page. Your deposit is totally refundable should your circumstances change and you no longer wish to buy our German shepherd puppy for sale.  Your deposit puts you on our priority waiting list, according to the date when we received your deposit.  You will be offered a German shepherd puppy from the first available litter of German shepherd puppies for sale in North Carolina.  If you do not choose to get a German shepherd puppy for sale from the litter currently available, your deposit may be refunded or you can choose to retain your position on the priority waiting list and apply the deposit to a future litter.

As German shepherd breeders we assure our German shepherd puppies for sale in NC are raised in our home, and played with daily. Each of our puppy German shepherd are crate trained by 8 weeks of age, and have played with balls, tugs and other toys, starting at 4 weeks of age. This heightens each German shepherd pups drive, willingness to learn and learning curve.

Our German shepherd dogs are big boned, traditional, old style Czech German shepherds who will excel in Schutzhund, police duty or as excellent family pets to protect your home. Your German shepherd dog will be an asset to your family, providing you continue his training.

As ethical German shepherd breeders in NC we use only the best Slovakian imported German shepherd stud dogs and german shepherd females we can acquire.  We directly import our Czech breeding dogs from Slovakia.

We use German shepherd dogs with great drive, extreme intelligence, working titles, and the best hips and elbows. We feel confident in our German shepherd puppies for sale and give a comprehensive guarantee for our German shepherds' hips and elbows. We strive to be German shepherd breeders in North Carolina, breeding the best working German shepherds possible.

Depending on the mother of the puppies, you can expect that Vomweiland, German shepherd breeders in North Carolina can provide black and tan, bicolor black and tan or black German shepherd pups.  We do not charge extra for a black German shepherd puppy as many German shepherd breeders choose to do.
You can click on any of our previous litters to see individual photographs of each of our German shepherd pups, as well as links to the webpage for that individual puppy, which we maintain for each owner of our German shepherd puppies, to add photographs and progress notes on each German shepherd pup's progress.

We register each German shepherd puppy with American Kennel Club (AKC) shortly after the birth of each litter of German shepherd puppies.  We pay for the transfer of the registration to the new puppy owner after you receive your German shepherd puppy,for sale or before your puppy is flown to you.

Our German shepherd puppies come with their AKC registration application and Litter Certificate (three generation pedigree).
Each of our German Shepherd puppies leaves us at 8-9 weeks mostly housebroken and with: ear tattoo, puppy training, his AKC registration completed, AKC litter certificate, your written health guarantee, documentation on all worming, vaccinations and daily puppy notes from 4 to 9 weeks.

Your German shepherd pup will have his nails trimmed regularly, and be quite used to having his nails trimmed with a Dremel. Your German shepherd will allow his nails to be trimmed.

We very much prefer that you pick up your German shepherd pups from our home; however, if that is impossible, you may have your German shepherd puppy for sale shipped by Delta Dash.
It costs around $425. to ship a 8-9 week old German shepherd to anywhere in continental U.S.A., including the crate, bowls and required vet health certificate.  (Price varies as the cost of the crate, etc. vary).

See a selection of videos of our Vom Weiland German Shepherd puppies for sale on YouTube.  The search term Vomweiland will help you find many videos.